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Timeline First Crusade

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Timeline First Crusade

The following Timeline of the First Crusade provides the basic dates and key events of the First Crusade which  initiated the two hundred years of constant warfare between Europe and Asia.

Medieval History Timeline

Timeline First Crusade
Timeline of the First Crusade

1071: Byzantine army is destroyed by Turks

1071 - 1085: Mercenary Seljuk Turks conquer Syria and Palestine. The City of Jerusalem is taken from the more civilised Saracen caliphs

1085 - 1095: 3000 Christian Pilgrims were massacred in Jerusalem and the Christian churches were destroyed or used as stables

1095: Emperor Alexius I sent an embassy to Pope Urban II regarding the atrocities in Jerusalem and the growing threat of the Turks to Constantinople and the whole of Europe

1095: Pope Urban II called a great council of the Church at Placentia, in Italy, to consider the appeal - decisions were deferred until later in the year

1095 November 27: Pope Urban II called a great council of clergy and nobles to meet at Clermont in France called the Council of Clermont. He called for a crusade against the Infidels

1095 - Spring 1096: Peter the Hermit took up the cry "God wills it!" and ordinary people join in the 'People's Crusade' - most were unarmed

Summer 1096: Armed forces gathered at Constantinople led by leaders such as Tancred and Godfrey of Bouillon to embark on the First Crusade

August 1096: Emperor Alexius I shipped the Peoples Crusade over the Bosphorus

October 1096: The Peoples Crusade were annihilated by the Turks in Anatolia

May June 1097: Siege of Nicacea

July 1097: Battle of Dorylaeum

Oct 1097 - June 1098: The Siege of Antioch

1098 June 1: Stephen of Blois and numerous French crusaders flee the siege of Antioch with news of the arrival of Emir Kerboga of Mosul

1098 June 3: Bohemond I, elder son of Robert Guiscard, led the capture of Antioch

1098 June 5: Emir Kerboga of Mosul and his army of 75,000 lays siege to the crusaders led by Bohemond

1099 Feb 14 - June: The siege of Arqah, near Tripoli

1098 June 28: The Battle of Orontes. The First Crusade wins a victory forcing Emir Kerboga to lift the siege of Antioch

1099 June 13: Raymond of Toulouse leads the crusaders from Antioch and to Jerusalem

1099 July 15: The soldiers of the First Crusade successfully scale the walls of Jerusalem and take the Holy city

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