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Short Biography about the life of Blind Harry aka Henry the Minstrel
The following biography, short history and interesting facts provide helpful information for history courses and history coursework about the life and history of Blind Harry a famous Medieval character of historical importance who lived during the Middle Ages:

  • Country of Origin / Nationality: Scottish

  • Lifetime: c. 1440 1492
  • Born: Blind Harry was born c1440
  • Occupation and Career: Well educated Scottish poet and Minstrel
  • Died: Blind Harry died in 1492
  • Character of Blind Harry: Determined, tenacious and ambitious
  • Accomplishments and Achievements or why Blind Harry was famous: Medieval Minstrel and poet whose work was the main source for the events of the life of William Wallace - Braveheart

Blind Harry aka Blind Harry
The story and biography of Blind Harry which contains interesting information, facts & the history about the life of this Medieval person of historical importance. Blind Harry lived from 1400-1468.

Short Biography of Blind Harry
Blind Harry was born in 1440 in Scotland. Mentioned by the author John Major in his History of Scotland as a wandering minstrel, skilled in the composition of rhymes in the Scottish tongue, who "fabricated" a book about William Wallace (Braveheart), and gained his living by reciting it to his own accompaniment on the harp at the houses of the Medieval lords and nobles. Blind Harry claims that it was founded on a Latin Life of Wallace written by William Wallace's chaplain, John Blair, but the chief sources seem to have been traditional. Blind Harry is often considered inferior to Barbour as a poet, and has little of his moral elevation, but he surpasses him in graphic power, vividness of description, and variety of incident. He occasionally shows the influence of Geoffrey Chaucer, and is said to have known Latin and French. The words of Blind Harry were translated by William Hamilton of Gilbertfield (ca. 1665-1751) and were published in 1722. This was used as a prime source for Randall Wallace in writing the screenplay of Braveheart, upon which the Award Winning Hollywood movie starring Mel Gibson was based.

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