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Short Biography about the life of Coverdale
The following biography, short history and interesting facts provide helpful information for history courses and history coursework about the life and history of Coverdale a famous Medieval character of historical importance who lived during the Middle Ages:

  • Country of Origin / Nationality: English

  • Lifetime: 1488-1568
  • Born: Coverdale was born 1488
  • Occupation and Career: Monk and Translator
  • Died: Coverdale died on 20 January 1569
  • Accomplishments and Achievements or why Coverdale was famous: the translator of the Bible

The story and biography of Coverdale which contains interesting information, facts & the history about the life of this Medieval person of historical importance. Coverdale lived from 1488-1568.

Miles Coverdale was born in Yorkshire and educated at at Cambridge University. Miles Coverdale was originally an Augustinian monk and he became a supporter of the Reformation. In 1535 his translation of the Bible was published, probably at Zurich. his translation of the Bible bore the title, Biblia, the Bible: that is the Holy Scripture of the Olde and New Testament faithfully and newly translated out of the Doutche and Latyn into English. Coverdale was made Bishop of Exeter in 1551, but, on the accession of Queen Mary, he was imprisoned for two years, at the end of which he was released and went to Denmark and afterwards to Geneva. On the death of Bloody Mary he returned to England, but the views he had imbibed in Geneva were adverse to his preferment. Coverdale ultimately, however, received a benefice in London, which he resigned before his death. Besides the Bible he translated many treatises of the Continental Reformers. Miles Coverdale died on 20 January 1569.

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