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Medieval Knight's Clothing
The clothes worn with a Knights Suit of Armor afforded both comfort and protection to the knight.

  • The Under Clothes consisted of a linen under-shirt and linen under-pants
  • Woollen stockings covered the legs

  • A knight's Underclothes were important as they prevented the armor from chafing the Knights skin
  • A padded garment known by various names such as Aketon, Arming coat, Doublet, Gambeson, Hacketon consisted of a quilted coat which was either sewn or stuffed with linen or even grass. This served as padding for additional armour worn over the top
  • A Surcoat was a robe, with a belt around the waist, which was placed over the body armor
  • The surcoat was emblazoned with the cote of arms or device of the Knight in order to identify the knight in battle.A person's rank or social position was determined by the head-dress or hat. The cap was made of velvet for persons of rank

  • Some caps had a point at the top, to which a long streamer was attached, and the peak turned up in front
  • They dressed in a robe fastened round the waist, and having long bands attached to the sleeves near the wrists. Some were fastened at the collar by a round buckle, and two bands of stuff forming a kind of necklace
  • A long cloak which descended to the instep
  • Closed shoes, which had then begun to be made pointed , and his belt has no hangings in front
  • His hair was cut short.
  • The Crusades also gave rise to the general use of the purse, which was suspended to the belt by a cord of silk or cotton, and sometimes by a metal chain

A MedievalKnight - Suit of Armor
The Parts of a Medieval Knight's Suit of Armor were a complex series of garments, chain mail and iron plate. The pieces of a Knights Suit of Armor covered the most vulnerable parts of a knight's body. Facts and information about the different parts of a Knights Suit of Armor are fully detailed in the following link:

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