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Medieval life and Times

Types of Medieval inventions
The Medieval inventions were numerous and major developments were made in the areas of:  

  • Medieval Times Weaponry - Different Armor and weapons were invented by the war like nations of Medieval Europe

  • Siege Weapon Inventions - The Inventions were brought from the crusades and developed to suit Medieval siege warfare
  • Nautical Inventions - A huge number of nautical inventions were made enabling the Age of Exploration
  • Farming Inventions - Increased Medieval food production
  • Clocks and Timekeeping inventions
  • The Printing Press - probably the most important of the Medieval inventions

List of Inventions in the Middle Ages
The list of inventions in the Middle Ages reflect the growing scientific and technical advances of the Medieval era.

  • Gunpowder: Use of Gunpowder led to the invention of the cannon

  • Silk: Silk changed the clothing in the Middle Ages

  • Spectacles: Spectacles were a major medical advancement in the Middle Ages

  • Clock: The invention of the clock provided a closer structure to daily life

  • Hour glass: The Hour-glass was a timekeeping instrument invented in the Middle Ages

  • Paper: Paper was introduced in the 1200's

  • Numbering System: The roman numerals were replaced by the Arabs numbering system in the Middle Ages

  • Minute Glass: Minute-glass was another timekeeping instrument invented in the Middle Ages

  • Printing Press: the printing press was invented in the mid 1400's

  • Sun dial: The Sun-dial was another timekeeping instrument invented in the Middle Ages

  • Compass: The compass enabled Renaissance sailors and explorers to find their bearing in the fog

  • Traverse Boards: Traverse boards were navigation instruments, an older version of the Astrolabe

  • Astrolabes: Middle Ages invention of the astrolabe was used for used for astronomical purposes and calculating latitudes

  • Cross-staffs: Cross-staffs were used to measure the angle of the Sun or a star above the horizon

  • Nocturnals: Nocturnals were inventions used for measuring and timekeeping instrument

  • Quadrants: Quadrants were used for measuring and timekeeping instrument

  • Almanacs: Almanacs forecast precisely where the the sun, moon, planets and selected navigational stars, are going to be, hour by hour, for years into the future

  • Oars : The use of oars made the galley ships redundant allowing movement into the open seas

  • The Rudder: Rudder enabled use of Wind and Water Power

  • Artesian wells: The invention of Artesian wells eliminated the need for pumping

  • Mills : Mills were built to pump water, grind grain, and crush ore

  • Windmills: The invention of the windmill harnessed wind power

  • Wheelbarrow : The invention of the wheelbarrow allowed faster movement of heavy loads

  • Horseshoes

  • Horsecollar The invention of the horsecollar increased farming efficiency in the Middle Ages

  • Moldboard Plough: The invention of the Moldboard turning plough increased farming efficiency in the Middle Ages

  • Stirrups gave the rider greater control and give him greater leverage when swinging his sword or thrusting his lance

  • The Bit and Bridle : The Bit and Bridle was used for controlling the massive destrier warhorses

  • The high-backed saddle : The high-backed saddle gave Medieval knights great leverage

  • Siege weapons: Siege weapon inventions were brought from the crusades to Europe and changed Medieval warfare

  • The Lance: The Lance was long, strong, spear-like weapon, designed for use for knights on horseback

  • The Longbow: The invention of the longbow enable skilled English longbowman could release between 10 - 12 arrows per minute

  • The Crossbow: The Middle Ages invention of the crossbow applied engineering to the short bow

  • The Flail: The invention of the Flail was used as armor-fighting weapons

  • Chainmail: Chainmail armor was further developed in the Middle Ages providing protection against being cut by the opponents blade

  • Armor: A Medieval knights armor was invented and developed to protect them from the lethal weapons used in the Middle Ages

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