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Definition and Description of the Timbrel
Definition and description of the Timbrel: The Timbrel was introduced to Europe during the period of the crusades and the name 'tambourine' was adopted and commonly used to describe the instrument. The Timbrel dates back to antiquity and was known to be an instrument which was used in Ancient Eygpt.

The timbrel is also known by the names of tabret or tympanum. The Timbrel can be described as a small shallow drum with only one skin, played on with the hand, and having bells at the sides. The Timbrel consists of a flat wooden or metal ring, over one end of which is stretched a parchment or vellum head. In the circumference of the ring nine or ten metal disks or small bells are fitted which jingle as the Timbrel is struck by the hand, or just waved through the air.  The timbrel was traditionally used by women as illustrated in the picture below.

Family of Instruments: The Timbrel belongs to the family of Percussion instruments.

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