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The Definition of Escutcheon
An escutcheon is the shield displayed on a coat of arms, upon which bearings are marshalled and displayed. The Escutcheon (also called scutcheon) is therefore the term used in heraldry for the shield displayed in a coat of arms.


Medieval Coat of Arms

Description of the Escutcheon
The surface of the escutcheon is called the field, the upper part is called the chief and the lower part the base (Chiff or Field). That side of the escutcheon which is on the right hand of the knight who bears the shield on his arm is called dexter, and the other side sinister. The two sides of an escutcheon are respectively designated as dexter and sinister, as in the cut, and the different parts or points are illustrated below followed by the appropriate names:

Escutcheon shield

  • A - Chief
  • B - Dexter
  • C - Sinister
  • D - Base
  • E - Dexter Chief
  • F - Middle Chief
  • G - Sinister Chief
  • H - Honour or Color Point
  • I - Fesse or heart point
  • J - Nombrill or navel point
  • K - Dexter Base
  • L - Sinister Base
  • M - Middle Base
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