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Torture and Punishment - Scold's Bridal ( aka the Brank)
During the Medieval times inflicting pain and torture was an accepted form of punishment or interrogation. The cruel and pitiless torturers were induced to inflict the horrors of torture or punishment, including the Scold's Bridal, on the pitiful prisoners.

Different types of torture or methods of punishment were inflicted using different forms or types of devices and instruments. There were also different tortures used according to the customs of each country.

The Law, Crime, Torture and Punishment - Scold's Bridal
There were no laws or rules to protect the treatment of prisoners who faced torture or punishment, such as the Scold's Bridal. No matter what the type of torture or punishment was used it was seen as a totally legitimate means for justice to extract confessions, obtain the names of accomplices, obtain testimonies or confessions or to impose a penalty, sanctioned by law for a wrong committed.The following description provides facts and information about the Scold's Bridal.

Facts and Information about the Scold's Bridal
The Scold's Bridal was also known as the Brank and it was specifically used as a torture for women to inflict humiliation and discomfort as opposed to pain. A scold was a term given to a gossip, shrew or bad tempered woman during the Medieval times. A scold was defined as: "A troublesome and angry woman who by brawling and wrangling amongst her neighbours breaks the public peace, increases discord and becomes a public nuisance to the neighbourhood."

The Scold's Bridal Description - Method, Instrument or Device
The device was a locking iron muzzle, metal mask or cage which encased the head. There was an iron curb projecting into the mouth which rested on the top of  the tongue. This device prevented the shrew from speaking. In some instances the iron curb was studded with spikes which inflicted pain if the victim spoke. Some Scold's Bridals had a bell built in which drew attention to the scold as she walked through the streets. The woman would be humiliated by the jeering and comments from other people.

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