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Elizabeth Woodville

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Medieval Queens and Princesses - Elizabeth Woodville

  • Name and/or Title: Elizabeth Woodville
  • Married: King Edward IV on May 1, 1464
  • Close family connections or relatives: Elizabeth Woodville was the daughter of Sir Richard Woodville (later made first Earl Rivers) and Jacquetta of Luxembourg

  • Title: Her title was Queen consort of England
  • Lifetime: This famous woman lived from c. 1437-1492. She was originally a maid of honor to Margaret of Anjou the Queen of Henry VI
  • Famous children: Elizabeth of York (1466-1503) and the two little princes - Edward V (1470- c. 1483) and Richard, 1st Duke of York (1473 - c. 1483)  
  • Facts about her life: Elizabeth Woodville was renowned for her ambitious and scheming nature and the blatant favor she gave to her relatives
  • Important historical events during her life: The Wars of the Roses (1455 - 1485). King Edward IV was a notorious womaniser. She was the mother of the tragic 'Princes in the Tower'.
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