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Different Types of Medieval Art

Medieval art increased from the type of art depicted in Pietistic painting (religious art) in the form of art displayed in illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and fresco paintings in churches. Medieval art included different forms or types of art which are described in this article.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Illuminated Manuscripts
Illuminated manuscripts were religious texts embellished with rich colors which often featured the use of gold and silver.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Metalwork
Metalwork especially bronze art: Metalworkers were very skilled at creating objects of adornment such as and religious artefacts. Experts in Bronze art produced beautiful sculptures, jewelry and even church doors in elaborately decorated bronze.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Silversmiths and Goldsmiths
Silversmith and Goldsmith were fine artists who produced new forms of jewelry. The Medieval church insisted that vessels should be made only of precious materials that are worthy of the divine service and the skills of the silversmiths and goldsmiths were employed in producing such items.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Paintings
Paintings: Medieval painting included artists who were skilled in Iconography, Fresco and Panel painting specialising in Pietistic painting (religious art). 

Different Types of Medieval Art - Fresco
Fresco: Fresco is a painting type which is executed in plaster on walls or ceilings. Frescoes were a feature of Italian churches in the Middle Ages.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Panel Painting
Panel painting: A panel painting is a painting on a panel made of a single or several pieces of wood joined together. Panel paintings were commonly used for the Icons of Byzantine art.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Embroidery
Embroidery and tapestry art such as the Bayeux Tapestry

Different Types of Medieval Art - Ceramics
Ceramic art: Early Medieval ceramics were hand shaped, rather than wheel-turned producing cooking pots and jars, jugs and pitchers and crucibles.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Mosaics
Mosaics: Mosaic is the art of creating images with small pieces of colored glass, stone or other material. Wall and ceiling mosaics were adapted to Christian uses in churches and cathedrals

Different Types of Medieval Art - Tessara
Tessera: A tessera is an individual tile in a mosaic. Tesserae were used in Byzantines Art with gold leaf, using flattened glass pieces which sandwiched the gold leaf producing a golden and luminous effect.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Sculptures
Sculpture: Gothic sculpture evolved from the early stiff and elongated style of statues used in Romanesque art into a more naturalistic style in the late 12th and early 13th century.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Stained Glass
Stained Glass art: Stained glass was applied almost exclusively to the windows of Medieval churches, cathedrals and castles. Stained glass art constitutes the major form of pictorial art to have survived the Medieval era of the Middle Ages. In stained glass art small pieces of glass are arranged to form patterns or pictures which are held together by strips of lead and supported by a rigid frame.

Different Types of Medieval Art - Heraldry
Heraldry: Heraldry is the practice of designing and recording coats of arms and badges. Specimens of coats of arms were worked using parchment, paper, painted wood, embroidery, enamel, stonework and stained glass

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