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Medieval Art
Art during the Middle Ages saw many changes up to the emergence of the early Renaissance period. Early art subjects were initially restricted to the production of Pietistic painting (religious art or Christian art) in the form of illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and fresco paintings in churches. There were no portrait paintings in the art of the Middle Ages.

The colors were generally somewhat muted. The subject of Medieval architecture is also covered in this section. The following links provide facts and interesting information about Medieval Art and Architecture and the famous artists of the Middle ages:

Medieval Art

Types of Medieval Art
Byzantine Art
Romanesque Art
Gothic Art
Illuminated Manuscripts
Early Christian Art
Meaning of Colors in Christian Art
Medieval Artists
Medieval Women Artists
Bayeux Tapestry
Bayeux Tapestry Scenes
Meaning of Flowers in Christian Art
Meaning of Trees in Christian Art
Medieval Literature
Famous Artists
Leon Battista Alberti
Filippo Brunelleschi
Fra Angelico
Lorenzo Ghiberti
Hildegard of Bingen

Medieval Architecture
Medieval Architecture styles were called Romanesque and the later style of Architecture was known as the French Style, Perpendicular or more commonly as Gothic architecture. The following dates clarify the different styles of Architecture of the Middle Ages:

  • Romanesque Architecture - 1066 to 1200 - Norman or Romanesque architecture
  • Gothic Architecture - 1200 to 1300 - Early English Gothic Architecture ( also called Lancet Gothic architecture )
  • Gothic Architecture - 1300 to 1400 - Decorated style of Gothic Architecture featuring Gargoyles
  • Perpendicular Gothic Architecture - 1400 to 1500 - Perpendicular style of Gothic Architecture
Medieval Architecture
Medieval Architecture Glossary of Terms
Medieval Castle Architecture
Medieval Architects
Romanesque Architecture
Characteristics of Romanesque Architecture
Gothic Architecture
History of Gothic Architecture
Gothic Arch

Different Types of Medieval Art
Medieval art increased from the type depicted in Pietistic painting (religious paintings) in the form  displayed in illuminated manuscripts, mosaics and fresco paintings in churches. Medieval art included the following art by type:

  • Illuminated manuscript
  • Metalwork especially bronze art
  • Silversmith and Goldsmith and new forms of jewelry
  • Painting
  • Fresco
  • Panel painting
  • Embroidery and tapestry art such as the Bayeux Tapestry
  • Ceramic art
  • Mosaic
  • Tessera
  • Sculpture
  • Engraving
  • Stained Glass art
  • Heraldry
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