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Medieval History
Medieval Life and Times encompass one of the most exciting and turbulent times in English and European History. The Medieval people of the Middle Ages and Dark Ages were warlike, they sought to conquer new lands and have even been described as barbaric. The Crusades exposed the English and the Europeans to a more refined society and the great Eastern fortresses which influenced Medieval architecture.

The elegance of the Far East, with its silks, tapestries, precious stones, perfumes, spices, pearls, and ivory prompted a change in society with a new and unprecedented interest in beautiful objects and elegant manners and new routes for Medieval Trade. But meanwhile the Medieval Battles for new territory and power raged on in Medieval History.

Famous Events in Medieval History with Timelines, Key dates and Events
The History of the Medieval era covers the major historical events which occurred during the period from 1066 - 1485. The History of the Medieval era starts in England with the Battle of Hastings in 1066 which ended the period classified as the Dark Ages. The events in Medieval History continues down the timeline until 1485 which ends the War of the Roses, the start of the Tudor dynasty  and the emergence of the Renaissance. The facts and information provided via the Medieval Life and Times website provide access to the most important historical events of the period which are detailed in the pages about the History of Domesday Book, History of Black Death, History of Magna Carta, History of Battle of Hastings, History of Wars of the Roses, History of the One Hundred Years War and the History of Bayeux Tapestry. The History and Key Events of the Middle Ages included:

Battle of Hastings and the Norman Conquest
Bayeux Tapestry
Doomsday Book( aka Domesday Book )
Magna Carta
Hundred Years War between England and France
Timeline of the One Hundred Years War
Black Death
Wars of the Roses and the Battle of Bosworth
Great Schism of 1054 and the Great Western Schism
Peasants Revolt

Medieval History of Feudalism
The Medieval history of feudalism covers the main European countries. The disintegration of Europe following the departure and power of the Romans slowly led to European Feudalism. From France feudalism spread to the major European countries including Germany, Spain, Italy, Scandinavia, England and the Slavic countries.

Feudalism Pyramid
Feudal Justice

Medieval Timelines
A series of comprehensive Medieval Timelines detail the major events significant to the lives and events of famous people and the Kings and Queens of England and Europe. In addition there are are additional timelines including a Timeline of the First Crusade, a Timeline Of Middle Ages Kings Of England, Knights Templar Timeline, Early Middle Ages Timeline and a Late Middle Ages Timeline.

Medieval History Timeline
Early Medieval Timeline
Late Medieval Timeline
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