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Medieval Religion
In Europe during the Medieval times the only recognised religion was Christianity, in the form of the Catholic religion.  The lives of the Medieval people of the Middle Ages was dominated by the church. From birth to death, whether a peasant, a serf, a noble a lord or a King - life was dominated by the church and Medieval religion. Various religious institutions, such as monasteries and convents, became both important, rich and powerful.

The lives of many Medieval people including various orders of monks and nuns were dedicated to to the Catholic church and religion. This was also a period of great change in the Christian church. Disputes of the Crusades led to the split between the Eastern and Western Christian Churches, called the Great Schism of 1054. The practises of the Catholic religion were questioned and the beliefs of men such as Martin Luther (1483 - 1546) prompted a new religion called Protestantism which led to a further split in the Christian Church referred to as the Protestant Reformation. This section covers all the important events and Religious Reformers and philosophers who shaped the changes in Medieval religion.

Religion and Philosophy
During the Middle Ages religion as everything. It was not unusual for people to go to church everyday and pray five times a day. People believed that all the good things in life were due to the bounty of god and that the evil events of the times were due to their sins. Medieval religion was extremely important and even the doctors and physicians of the era were also well versed in religion. From birth to death, whether you were a peasant, a serf, a noble a lord or a King - life was dominated by the church and Medieval religion. There were many famous Medieval Saints and there are details of the names of this pious men and women of the Middle Ages. The following links provide and insight to different aspects of the religion and philosophy of the Middle Ages.

Christian Religion History
History of the Catholic Religion
The Great Schism
Protestant Reformation
Popes in Medieval Times
Medieval Religious Festivals
Medieval Monks
Medieval Nuns
Medieval Monastery
Medieval Convent
Medieval Benedictine Rule
Medieval Benedictine Monks
Daily Life of a Medieval Monk
Daily Life of a Medieval Nun
Famous Medieval Saints

Biographies and Timelines of famous Religious Reformers and Philosophers
A biography and timeline can be found on the famous Medieval Religious Reformers and philosophers in the Medieval Religion section. Click one of the following links for facts and information:

Jan Hus
John Wycliffe
William of Ockham
Albertus Magnus
Martin Luther
Peter the Hermit
Thomas Aquinas
Peter Abelard
Albert Magnus
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