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Medieval Weapons
The Medieval period of history was extremely violent. The quest for wealth and power was driven by the violent society of the European countries. Massive stone castles were built to act as power bases. Lands were subject to invasion leading to wars, battles and siege situations. This was the period of the Norman conquest and the battle of Hastings in England.

Warfare, siege warfare and weapons strategy and tactics where subject to change due to new weapons ideas and changes in Medieval technology and architecture. The fighting in Europe had a brief respite when the attentions of the Medieval warlords turned their attention to the Holy Land when the Medieval Weapons were used by the religious knights who fought in the Crusades. Facts and interesting information about Medieval weapons used in this turbulent era are detailed and described in the articles below - just click a link for history, facts and information. Additional articles on the history of Medieval weapons and weaponry relating to siege weapons and warfare are also detailed.

Battle Axe
Throwing Axe
The Butts
Pole Weapons
Pell Training
War Hammer
The Axe
Bow and Arrow
Jousting Lance
Pole Axe
The Spear
Medieval Archer
Medieval Swords and Medieval Armor

Medieval Siege Weapons
The style of warfare during the times was fought around the power bases which were the great Medieval castles. This Medieval weapons and the siege style of warfare changed with new technology and different weapons. The massive and deadly siege weapons included a variety of siege weapons and siege engines such as catapults, the ballista, battering ram, mangonel, siege tower and the trebuchet. Siege weapons were made to order!  Facts, history and interesting information about Medieval Siege weapons used in times are described in the articles below - just click a link for interesting history, facts and information.

Medieval Catapults
Battering Ram
Siege Tower
Siege Warfare
Siege Weapons
Siege Weapon Design
Under Siege
Greek Fire

The most famous Medieval Siege Weapons used during the era included the Ballista, Catapults, Siege tower, the Mangonel, the Battering ram and the Trebuchet.

Weapons Training
Training in the use of the lance was practised at the Quintain and included tilting and "Running at the Rings". Training in the use of swords and other close combat weapons were practised at the Pell. Knights weapons training even extended into a game - Pell Mell! Facts and information about each of this training are described via the links detailed below:

Pell Training
Medieval Archer
Medieval Swords and Armor
Medieval Art
Medieval Castles
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