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Medieval Castles
This section detailing information about Middle Ages castles illustrate the strength, magnificence and power of the warlords of the era. The architecture of the Middle Ages castles moved from the early wooden Motte and Bailey castles hastily built by the Normans after the Battle of Hastings and during their conquest and invasion of England to their fortification in stone with the addition of the great Norman stone keeps.

The kings, knights and warlords who travelled to the crusades and who embarked on siege warfare in the Holy Land were influenced by the design and architecture of the fortresses in the far East. King Edward I of England used this information and knowledge to design and build the massive concentric castles in England. His policy enabled the conquest of Wales. Siege warfare, the development of new weapons demanded that a castle was built considering the possibilities of both attack and defence. The designs of the massive stone castles therefore altered during the centuries when building was at its pinnacle.

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