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Timeline of Middle Ages Kings of England
This comprehensive Timeline of Middle Ages Kings details the major events significant to Medieval lives of the Kings of England. The timeline commences at the beginning of the Norman period with William the Conqueror.

1066-1087: King William the Conqueror -William the Conqueror Timeline

1087-1100: King William Rufus (son of William) King William Rufus Timeline

1100-1135: King Henry I (William Rufus brother) King Henry I  Timeline

1135-1154: King Stephen (nephew of Henry I) King Stephen Timeline

1154-1189: King Henry II (grandson of Henry I) King Henry II Timeline

1189-1199: King Richard I (third son of Henry II) King Richard I - the Lionheart Timeline

1199-1216: King John (fifth son of Henry II) King John Timeline

1216-1272: King Henry III (son of John) King Henry III Timeline

1272-1307: King Edward I (son of Henry III) King Edward I Timeline

1307-1327: King Edward II (son of Edward I) King Edward II Timeline

1327-1377: King Edward III (son of Edward II) King Edward III Timeline

1377-1399: King Richard II (grandson of Edward III, son of the Black Prince) King Richard II Timeline

1399-1413: King Henry IV (grandson of Edward III, son of John of Gaunt) King Henry IV Timeline and John of Gaunt  

1413-1422: King Henry V (son of Henry IV) King Henry IV Timeline

1422-1461: King Henry VI (son of Henry V) King Henry V Timeline

1461-1483: King Edward IV ( youngest son of Edward III ) King Edward IV Timeline

1483-1485: King Richard III (uncle of Edward V) King Richard III Timeline

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